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Oct, 2020

Updated ACCD COVID-19 Guidelines

Click on the link below for the updated ACCD Guidelines for sports on the State of Vermont website.  Please review these guidelines carefully. This update to the ACCD guidelines puts us somewhere between Phase III and Phase IV. Phase IV by US Soccer’s definition is when COVID-19 is no longer a threat.  We are a long way from that.

I would like to take this time to thank all of you for your diligence and cooperation with our Governor’s executive orders and keeping our communities as safe as possible.

As soccer moves to indoor training and leagues please be sure to review all of these guidelines carefully. Some key takeaways:

  1. Masks for everyone at all times.  Players, coaches, and referees.  Referees must use electronic whistles.
  2. Anyone with a DOCUMENTED medical or behavioral reason for not wearing a facial covering should not be required to wear one.  A note from a medical professional is necessary to document the exception. 
  3. Vermont based sports teams may only participate in sporting events in Vermont and ONLY between or involve Vermont-based teams.
  4. At this time, players from Eastern NY are not eligible to participate even if they were previously registered to a Vermont club.  As of Tuesday, when the updated Travel map was posted to the Vermont state website, Clinton County is now a red county.  Clinton County had previously been green and therefore players and teams from that county could enter Vermont for recreational play.  Until that county returns to green AND the state of Vermont updates their guidelines, players and teams from the Plattsburgh area may not participate in Vermont.
  5. Spectators at indoor events:  The best recommendation is to not allow spectators, however, it is understood that may not be in the best interest of all players. Specifically the very young.  With that in mind, the number of spectators MUST be limited to 1 per participating FAMILY for any indoor youth sports (U19 and below) practice, scrimmage, pick-up game or competition. NO spectators will be allowed at adult sporting events, including games. At no time shall the total number of people present at an event exceed current limits on event size which is currently 50% of the fire safety capacity or 1 person per 100 square feet with a maximum of 75 people for indoor events.  Any facility may place further limits on spectators. Measures must be put in place to ensure six feet of physical distance is maintained between individual spectators.  Please see guidance for Large indoor venues.
  6. Taken from the Additional Safety Precautions:  While in-person, team-based social gatherings are often considered an integral component of recreational sports, team-based social gatherings (team dinners, etc.) are strongly discouraged until all other COVID-19 specific restrictions regulating sports leagues are fully lifted. 

A positive COVID test result for a club player, coach, official, of family member, should be reported to the State of Vermont Department of Health and their instructions followed.  Please also report to the club and the VSA for data and tracking purposes.

Other standard safety protocols should continue to be followed:

Frequent Hand washing

Disinfecting frequently touched areas

Social Distancing, even with masks on

Daily Medical Consideration prior to Participating in Training or Matches

  1. The participant (including players, coaches, referees, volunteers and administrators) should conduct a daily temperature check for low grade fever (greater than 100.4) at home before training or game.  If you have a fever, stay home.
    1. If thermometers are not available, conduct a daily health questionnaire. You can find the Coronavirus Self-Checker made available by the CDC at
  2. Do not participate in activities if you have any of the symptoms listed below:
    1. COVID-19 exposure in the past 14 days
    2. Sore throat
    3. Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
    4. Fever greater than 100.4F
    5. Chills
    6. Headache
    7. Sinus Congestion
    8. Cough persistent and/or productive
    9. Joint aches and soreness
    10. Vomiting or diarrhea
    11. Rash
  3. Do not go to training or competition with any of the above symptoms
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